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Compulsory Rome

August 10, 2012

We spent our first few days in Rome acclimating (to our neighborhood and the heat), and generally gushing about the food. We tackled some compulsory tourist activities, such as the Pantheon, Colosseum, Forum,  Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain (the latter two more than once, so that we could get some pictures without being overrun by throngs of tourists by going at the crack of early).


We’ve settled into a decent routine that goes a little something like this:

  • Up when we’re up.
  • Coffee at the apartment, and whatever leftover prosciutto and mozzarella there is from the day before—and then usually ready to head out the door before 8:00am for more coffee and pastries.
  • Off to the sights early to try to beat the crowds.
  • Realizing that everyone else had the same idea.
  • Paying double (or triple) to get a semi-private tour, which comes with the added benefit of skipping the line. Despite that tour groups of any kind go against every fiber of my vacation M.O., this has worked out in our favor each time because our guides have been phenomenal.
  • More food: pizza, spaghetti con vongole, Carpaccio, gnocchi, saltimbocca…
  • Shopping
  • Siesta
  • More food
  • Gelato

Sprinkle in a bottle or three of prosecco each day (John has taken kindly to bellinis), a lot of laughs, and we’re having ourselves a proper Roman holiday.


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