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Limoncello in an Irish Pub in Sorrento, Italy

August 15, 2012

We got to Sorrento and, after seeing the view of Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, and Sorrento from our hotel way at the tippy top of the cliffs, decided we could skip Naples all together. So, we spent three days in Sorrento, mostly wandering through shaded back alleys. We also went to an Irish Pub (because it had air conditioning), John discussed politics with Seamus the bar owner, and we had Limoncello and beer with an odd-duck solo traveler from Scotland: Bernadette.


The town of Sorrento, Italy from Piazza Tasso.


The Real Housewives alla Sorrento. Or, the gentlemen’s club off the Piazza Tasso, where men gather to gossip every day—no women or cell phones allowed.

We had planned to head to Capri today, but a few things changed those plans:

  • Nearby wildfires created so much haze, that the trip wouldn’t yield any better views than what we have at our hotel.
  • The Blue Grotto sounds beautiful, but with up to 2 hour waits to get into the grotto after a 30 minute ferry ride (and even then, no guarantees that you can get in), small rafts rowed by surly Italians, and my general nervousness about large bodies of water, that trip didn’t seem so worth it. “Next time,” we decided, since we’re already planning our Amalfi Coast-only return trip.
  • It’s vacation and we can do whatever the hell we want.

So, instead, we camped out at the hotel for the day; a day that included:

  • A nap at 10am (I love a good pre-noon nap).
  • Stunning views from our balcony.
  • Cheese puffs and prosecco and beer.
  • A proper lunch of lemon risotto with clams and veal scaloppini with lemon (Sorrento is known for its lemons); homemade pasta with shellfish (frutti di mare) and, and veal scaloppini Sorrento-style; and then we shared strawberry tart.
  • Another nap.

Two fellas walking on top of the lemon grove canopies to snatch some figs at lunch time.


View of Sorrento and the marina from our hotel room

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