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Trattoria Da Romano Worth the Hype!

August 24, 2012

Burano, Italy

We saw the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode about Venice after we’d already planned our honeymoon to Italy and knew that we’d have to visit the small island of Burano for risotto from Da Romano. As with any restaurant featured on a prominent television show, we knew that this was a risky endeavor, but crossed our fingers that after our 70 minute ferry ride to Burano, the restaurant would not be overrun by tourists. Score! We started lunch as only one of three parties sitting outside. Although the inside was properly air conditioned, we couldn’t pass up sitting outside, on the edge of the small town square of the island lined with pastel-colored houses.  We watched countless people pass up Da Romano, muttering about 36€ for risotto for two and, instead, opting for the pizzeria across the square. Fine by us.


So, then, we had some lunch.


Pastel colored houses that line the few streets on Burano.

For lunch, we had Risotto “Romano” for two, which is goh risotto (goh is fish—like, minnowy-small fish), which wasn’t at all fishy. It was perfectly creamy and barely al dente and heavenly.

Best risotto I’ve ever had in my life; and I fancy myself a fairly decent cooker of risotto (but not of regular rice, which I always burn).

And then, the soft shell crab with fritto misto of julienne veggies and white polenta. It tasted like the sea. The crunchy, yummy sea.

Nom, nom, nom

And then, I chased kitties all over the island. Crazy, inbred kitties, who have all perfected the art of begging.

Kitty at Da Romano.

Kitty at the ferry dock that wanted nothing to do with me. Or, was blind and couldn’t find me.

Kitty at the fishing dock that tried to kill me when I stopped petting it.







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