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Your Travelling Author…


Tuk Tuk driver and "Big Butt" in Chiang Mai, Thailand

…is me. I’m the blonde on the right (that’s our Tuk Tuk driver in Chiang Mai, Thailand). My parents named me Tracey. My friends fondly call me “Freef” (and variations thereof ). That Tuk Tuk driver called me “Big Butt.”

I call Seattle home, though some argue I’m only a part-time resident. I spend a good portion of my life travelling, planning trips, dreaming of destinations. While I’m on one vacation, I’m usually planning the next. I don’t work to live; I work to travel. When I’m not wandering the planet, I’m a writer in the world of technical marketing. I’m sardonic, witty, and often foul-mouthed. And I always tell it like it is–good or bad. My favorite punctuation mark is the EM-dash, followed closely by the semi-colon, so you’ll see a lot of those in my posts. (I’m also a big fan of parenthetical phrases). Welcome to my world.

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  1. Jaret permalink
    August 24, 2010 4:30 pm

    I love the EM-dash! However, I was oblivious to its greatness until I started studying TC.

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